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Lack of Discipline


We all know how school is important to us. It’s not just Math and English, fear of failing a test or a teacher calling your parents. School is a place where a real life begins. First love, friendship, dramas,and rumors. Kids learn how to communicate with each other and how to behave on public. They also learn what is right and what is not; it’s basic rules of discipline. unfortunately, almost every school suffer with this topic of discipline. Disrespect, laziness,and lack of uniform these are the main problems of discipline in our schools.

First, and the most important problem is disrespect. Many teachers have to suffer everyday of being humiliated or embarrassed. Maybe middle school kids are still afraid to get in trouble by their teacher, or they parents but not the high school students for sure. Some of the students act as they own the school, and the teachers are there just “to get on their nerves”. Attitude, very common at teen age. Students allow them selves to talk back to the teacher, roll their eyes or even make fun of the adults. Another example is ignorance. Some kids simply ignoring their teachers. They’re ignoring the fact that it’s school and they have to study. Instead, kids are on their phones, talking to each other or even sleeping, anything but paying attention to the teacher. Furthermore, the use of improper language also very common in high schools. Slang or even cursing words are often going to the teachers side. But what is more shameful is that the teachers are not paying attention to it. As my personal example, when I was in High School a teacher did a warning to a boy, who wont stop interrupting class, on what he simply told her to shut up. “You’re the one who is interrupting the class.”-boy said. The teacher did stop, not because he told her so, but because she was so shocked and ashamed. Thirty years ago students were afraid of the teachers. Now, we made our kids untouchable, so the teachers are afraid of their students. Paradox? No, apparently it’s a reality.

Equally important fact that ruins discipline in school is laziness. Kids are just not taking a school seriously enough. In like matter teachers are letting them go with it for example, letting students bring late assignments, or being late to class. By doing so teacher is probably trying to be kind and not to be hard on a student. But what teacher doesn’t realize that he or she looses his authority in class. Students simply doesn’t take teacher word seriously anymore, thinking if I did it once, I could probably slide on a second time. Also, teachers are allowing students to re-take tests that they failed. So, do you think students are taking a test gravely and study hard for it? Big doubt about that, they know if they’ll fail, they always have a second chance to re-take it. Same as multiple choice tests. Yes, it’s easier, it’s faster but does it really let the student show his level of knowledge, if he or she can easily guess the answer.

Furthermore, lack of uniform plays a big role in school discipline. Students need to remember that school is not a playground or mall; it’s a place where they getting a structures education. Unfortunately, some of the students forgot about that. Often, you can see girls wearing inappropriate clothing to school such as skirts that barely covering their legs, see through t-shirts, and vulgar dresses. Also, some of the boys wearing an absolutely improper pants that hangs out at their knees. Pajamas, or sweat pants is another sad example of luck of uniform in schools. That shows discourtesy and attitude towards educations.

A really old quote says “The Future Is In Our Hands”. Only we manage to make differences in problems that we have now. Paying attention to our kids behavior, teaching them good manners and educate them with basic rules of discipline is one of the important changes that we can make today. Because our kids is our future.

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  1. Victoria Stout
    February 25, 2013 at 8:48 am

    The title of this blog is what first grabbed my attention. I could relate to this topic very easily, because in my high school there were many discipline problems. I found the information in this blog to be very realistic. Some of the problems that were discussed in this blog I saw in my very own high school. I agree with Alisa that something needs to be done about this major problem in schools.

  2. jpiccola
    February 25, 2013 at 9:06 am

    I’ve been through the dress code, it doesn’t work. Many students will still find ways to make themselves stand out, as our generation is one of either conformity or individuality. The uniforms made school feel more like a prison, and they costed a lot of money, money many families cant afford to give up. Guys like seeing girls in revealing outfits, that’s just our nature. Girls likes wearing revealing outfits, nature, pop-culture, who knows?
    Students will be ignorant if you let them, but most likely they simply have issues to start with. The reason many teachers don’t do anything about the ignorance, may be because there simply is not a solution in todays world.

  3. abonds95
    February 25, 2013 at 9:07 am

    The reason why I chose to read your report because of the title was different from the others which is a good thing. I agree with your issue because children are getting away with too much because it is not planning them for their future, which will hurt them in the long run. Your first body paragraph has a lot of emotion because you are asking your audience questions. The only thing that may need work is the wording the commas, but overall great job.

  4. johnszymanek
    February 25, 2013 at 9:10 am

    This is completely true and I don’t see anyone disagreeing with this. Discipline is a huge problem and there is a huge percent of children and young adults that have no clue about the real world is all about. Not many people see it now-a- days but a nation and world built around respect would make the world a better place for sure. This topic grabbed my attention with the title and highlighted word in the text. I have felt the same way and can relate. Being fresh out of high school I knew and witnessed this disrespect and lack of responsibility. It made me sick and even got me to open my mouth a few times and stand up in an area where a teacher’s job may be compromised. Even though I followed the kid creating the trouble down to the office, it was well worth it. I view the disrespect in school from student to instructor as a form of bullying and that’s something that I do not tolerate.

  5. Satara Hunter
    February 25, 2013 at 9:13 am

    The subject interests me and I do agree with the points you explained. Discipline is a growing problem and unless serious changes are made, this problem will continue to grow. Uniforms will definitely solve a lot of that, with the crazy things a lot of students wear from pajamas to clothes someone would wear to a night club. Teachers are somewhat restricted in what they can and cannot do to their students so I can see the other side of this as well. Overall, this was a great read.

  6. February 25, 2013 at 9:15 am

    Discipline is lacking in schools now and i understand your point. I just am wondering what do you think that we can do to make kid more disciplined? You had a lot of facets but it was not very clear. i think discipline is very impotent for kids to have and laziness is a big problem but what can we do to stop that? uniform are a good tool to help kids that be more discipline children.

  7. Courtney Singleton
    February 25, 2013 at 9:17 am

    This blog hits home on so many different levels for me. Growing up i witness numerous of incidents where teachers are afraid of the students and that problem leads to a bigger problem which is a lack of control of the classroom. This as a whole hinders everyone within the class from being able to learn. The title of this blog was very intriguing and made me want to read it

  8. ronald green
    February 25, 2013 at 9:22 am

    Lack of discipline is a good blog strong subject for a blog. The blog is understandable and it does not lose the reader. The picture is related to the text, and the text also stays on topic. All of the topics are on point, and make since. Paragraph not too short or too long. The conclusion is a well thought of conclusion. This blog has a dictionary term which is very useful. The second paragraph could have been a little shorter.

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